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About Nabolia

The idea of establishing Nabolia company began with the aim of providing a large factory with great potential to serve as an integrated factory for everyone working in the furniture sector in various activities. Since the beginning of the establishment in 1998 the company has gained the trust of different customers from manufacturers, designers, importers and so on. The company relies in its dealings with customers on the principle of "integrity." We value our customers and seek only to achieve their interests.

Our goal is not to be a competitor for our clients but our goal is to expand the scope of our clients work and provide the full manufacturing and executive cycle, starting with the provision of materials and accessories and their formation or implementation of design and installation and so on.

Our company offers two types of services to its clients:

Products in the form of disassembled panels, ready for installation by the customer.

Final products designed by the customer or designed by our company.

Now Nabolia company has become the manufacturing arm that many partners in the furniture sector depend on

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We are care enough with all details to offer the best.

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Our Mission

Is to provide furniture and wood working industry with world class features and innovative wood products to ensure a perfect and effective output with the help of our team work dedication, we thrive to provide a quality-oriented products to our clients.

Our Vision

Nabolia has a vision to take the Egyptian wood products to a very high level on par with international standard. We are committed to use the latest manufacturing technologies that are available around the world.

Our Values

Passion for what we do

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